OCWC 2014 to be hosted by JSI-K4A in Slovenia

JSI-K4A have been successful in their bid to host the next OpenCourseWare Consortium’s annual global conference.

Next April, transLectures partners JSI and K4A will be hosting OCWC 2014 in the university’s home town of Ljubljana, Slovenia. They also plan to organise a themed workshop to showcase project technologies at what will be a timely opportunity to promote the widespread uptake of transLectures tools.

The OpenCourseWare Consortium (OCWC) is an active community of higher education and related institutions committed to advancing open education and its impact on educational opportunities worldwide. Over 250 institutions throughout the world provide open educational resources (OERs) under its guidance. Its global conference is a major event in open education and brings together policy makers, academics and professionals from around the world, each with a different angle on how it can be achieved, what it in itself can achieve and the different forms it can take.

As a project to develop automatic tools for the transcription and translation of video lectures, transLectures stands to contribute significantly to this community’s vision of a global open education. Using our tools, subtitles in different languages can be made available for these OERs at the click of a button, thereby overcoming language barriers and expanding potential viewership.

Thanks to their continued commitment to this community, JSI and K4A have secured Ljubljana, Slovenia, as the location for the next OCWC global conference. They also hope to attract the Opencast Unconference to the city as part of the same event.

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