transLectures (2011-2014) is an EU-funded project to develop innovative, cost-effective tools for the automatic transcription and translation of online educational videos.

Online collections of video material are fast becoming a staple feature of the Internet and a key educational resource. What we are working on at transLectures is a set of easy-to-use tools that will allow users to add multilingual subtitles to these videos. In doing so, they will make the content of these videos available to a much wider audience in a way that is cost-effective and sustainable over the vast collections of online video lectures being generated.

Automatic transcription tools will provide verbatim subtitles of the talks recorded on video, thereby allowing the hard-of-hearing to access this content. Language learners and other non-native speakers will also benefit from these monolingual subtitles. Meanwhile, machine translation tools will make these subtitles available in languages other than that in which the video was recorded.

Specifically, we will be developing tools for use on VideoLectures.NET, a collection of videos recorded at various academic events set up by JSI’s Centre for Knowledge Transfer, and for poliMedia, a lecture capture system designed and implemented at the UPVLC. Our tools will also be fully compatible with Opencast Matterhorn, a free, open-source platform for the management of educational audio and video content

The language pairs being targeted in this project are English, Spanish and Slovenian for transcription, and English<>Spanish, English<>Slovenian, English>French and English>German for translation.

You can find more detailed descriptions of the different areas of the transLectures project in the Progress section, by clicking on the links for each Work Package (WP1-WP8).


transLectures (2011-2014) is a European project (EC FP7 ICT project #287755) to develop innovative, cost-effective solutions for the automatic transcription and translation of online educational videos.

Its academic and industrial partners represent the fields of language technologies, machine learning and audiovisual services.

transLectures partners

Project coordinator

Alfons Juan-Ciscar
Universitat Politècnica de València (DSIC)
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E-46022 València (Spain)

Tel.: +34 96 387 7007 ext. 73516
Fax: +34 96 387 7359
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