Final project meeting in Valencia

transLectures partners met this week in Valencia for the final project meeting.

6th transLectures project meeting in Athens

Today transLectures partners are in Athens, home of our colleagues from partner company Deluxe Media Europe, to discuss progress and future plans.

5th transLectures project meeting in Grenoble

Last week transLectures partners gathered for the fourth progress meeting, this time held at the XEROX headquarters in Grenoble, France.

4th transLectures project meeting in Aachen

The transLectures partners are meeting this week, at the midpoint of the project, to discuss recent progress and future strategy. This time the meeting point is RWTH Aachen University.

3rd transLectures project meeting in Ljubljana

transLectures partners will meet for the third time to discuss progress and future strategy, this time in Ljubljana. Also, the K4A Foundation will be holding a one-day workshop to discuss the emerging role of technology within education.

2nd transLectures project meeting in Heidelberg

The consortium of the transLectures project held its 2nd meeting in Heidelberg, Germany in the amazing “Studio Villa Bosch” which is next door to the EML office bulding. Soon to follow will be the official update for the public.