The RWTH Aachen University ASR and SMT Toolkits

RASR: The RWTH Aachen University Speech Recognition System

RASR (short for “RWTH ASR”) is a software package containing a speech recognition decoder together with tools for the development of acoustic models, for use in speech recognition systems.

Jane: The RWTH Aachen University Statistical Machine Translation Toolkit

Jane is RWTH‘s open source statistical machine translation toolkit. Jane supports state-of-the-art techniques for phrase-based and hierarchical phrase-based machine translation. Many¬†advanced features are implemented in the toolkit, such as forced alignment phrase training for the phrase-based model and several syntactic extensions for the hierarchical model.

rwthlm: The RWTH Aachen University Neural Network Language Modeling Toolkit

The software rwthlm supports different kinds of neural network layers (feedforward, standard recurrent, and long short-term memory neural networks), and arbitrarily deep networks as well as arbitrary combinations of the aforementioned kinds of layers. It was developed at the Human Language Technology and Pattern Recognition Group at RWTH Aachen University since 2013. The software has been successfully used in international evaluations, giving substantial improvements in speech recognition as well as machine translation applications.