The transLectures project comes to an end with an excellent final review; read our reports and try our tools!

The final project review of the project transLectures (2011-2014) took place last December at the European Commission premises in Luxembourg, with excellent results.

The independent reviewers invited by the EC have awarded the project an excellent overall evaluation, and they consider that the project has fully achieved its objectives and technical goals.

transLectures technologies have matured significantly during the project. We encourage you to read the project’s final reports, and to try our tools to see how transLectures technologies can be useful for you and your organisation.

Read transLectures’ final reports

As all of our final (M36) deliverables have been approved by the EC, all public deliverables are now available in our Deliverables section.

We encourage you especially to read the Publishable Summary from the Year 3 report (T36) for a summary of the project’s achievements by work package. Additionally, graphs showing the progress in quality of transLectures‘ automatic transcription and translation technologies can be found in D6.1.3: Final report on scientific evaluations (Section 2).

Learn more about transLectures’ research results in our publications

The scientific publications with transLectures support are listed in our Publications section, with links provided for all of them.

All 2012 and 2013 publications are already accessible in open access repositories. As to 2014 publications, those that are not openly accessible at this point will be also added to open access repositories in the next few months.

Try our automatic transcription and translation tools

transLectures‘ technologies live on after the end of the project. We encourage you to try our tools at (“Subtitle your videos”). Upload your own videos, watch them with automatically generated subtitles, and see how transLectures technologies can be useful for you and your organisation.

For researchers, IT experts and media services staff, the transLectures open source tools (for automatic speech recognition, machine translation and repository integration) are available in our Tools section.

Thank you for your interest in transLectures. We will keep working to advance natural language processing technologies and to improve global access to educational contents.

For any further information and requests, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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