transLectures plug-in for Matterhorn

TLM, the transLectures Matterhorn plug-in is now available.

One of the goals of transLectures was to integrate project technologies into the Opencast Matterhorn platform for educational audiovisual content management. The platform of choice for many universities and education institutes around the world, by doing so we would vastly broaden the immediate user base of our open source software. The way we have achieved this is to develop a transLectures plugin for Matterhorn, TLM.

TLM is made up of a transLectures Matterhorn Service and transLectures Matterhorn Custom Workflow. Together they enable seamless integration of the transLectures-UPV Platform (TLP) and transLectures-UPV Toolkit (TLK) into this platform. TLM has been developed and tested for Opencast Matterhorn 1.4.0, but can be easily extended to support different versions.

To display the subtitles generated using transLectures technologies, Matterhorn users can substitute the official Engage Player with the UPV’s Paella Player, an HTML5 multistream player that is fully compatible with the Matterhorn platform. For Paella users we have developed the plug-in for Paella Player to display transLectures subtitles. Of course, the use of Paella Player is optional. Matterhorn users with different players are free to adapt their existing player to use the transLectures Matterhorn Service.

transLectures Matterhorn (TLM) can be downloaded from our Tools page, where you will also find full instructions for installation. The Paella Player can also be downloaded from this page.

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