WP5 – Integration


The objective of this work package is, in the first instance, the successful integration of transLectures tools into the two case study sites, VideoLectures.NET and PoliMedia. The idea is that the tools be up-and-running on these sites by project end. A second goal of this work package is the integration of our tools into the Matterhorn platform, in order to be able to offer our tools at a global level.

Video: Watch the transLectures integration demo in our Progress section!



  • Platform and case studies adapted (M12)
  • Initial transLectures integration into the case studies (M18)
  • Improved transLectures integration into the case studies (M30)
  • transLectures integrated into the case studies and deployed (M36)

Click here for the full list of transLectures public reports and deliverables published to date.